Net Metering System

Enabling Solutions offers Net Metering Solar systems in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. The net metering system in Pakistan is highly beneficial for solar system owners. As the country is blessed with ample sunlight, solar panels generate more electricity in the day than our need, this excessive energy will be of no use if a net metering compliant solar system has not been installed on your rooftop. But if you have the said facility, you can sell this additional amount of electricity to the grid and can earn electricity units in the monthly bill. Net metering is a new yet legal practice in the country as NEPRA had issued regulations about it a few years back. Whether you are a domestic or commercial consumer, net metering will be equally advantageous.

Benefits of Net Metering in Pakistan

Installing a solar panel system brings lots of benefits for its consumers, Net metering system is one of the greatest benefits. Solar energy helps the consumer to enjoy free electricity after the payback period is over and net metering makes it even better by helping consumers to sell excess electricity and earn from it. Some benefits of net metering in Pakistan include:

Reasonable cost:

Net metering system has long term benefits and considering the benefits you can get from net metering, the installation cost is reasonable for both commercial and residential users. If you are looking forward to installing a solar panel system at your location, then make sure it is net meter compliant to enjoy the benefits.

Extra earnings:

Who does not enjoy earning money and when earning money become this easy, who would want to avoid it! Net metering system is a billing mechanism that helps you earn money by taking in account any surplus energy produced by the solar panel system.

Enjoy reduced bill:

Net metering system allows the consumer to enjoy reduced bills. The net bill that you will receive will be the difference in the amount of energy consumed to the amount of energy delivered. with net metering system you only have to pay a small amount of the energy that you consume from the grid.

Solar System for Agriculture in Pakistan

Process of Getting Net Metering Connection

We provide a range of solar system services for agriculture sector in Pakistan. Our industrial solar system services includes:

  • Site Assessment & Feasibility Analysis
  • System Design Services
  • Solar Installation Services
  • Preparation of Application
  • Inspection & NOC issuance
  • Allotment of Generation License
  • Activation of Net Meter

Pay in Installments through our Financing Partners

We understand that investing in a solar system can be a significant financial commitment. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pakistan’s top leading financing institutions, Meezan Bank, Faysal Bank and Bank Alfalah, who can offer convenient installment services to buyers. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of clean and affordable solar energy without the burden of paying upfront. Our flexible financing options allow you to spread the cost of the solar system over manageable installments. Take advantage of this opportunity. Contact us today.

Why You Should Go For Solar Solutions

24/7 Electricity

Zero Electricity Bill

Zero Carbon Emission

Sustainable Energy

Low Maintenance

Long Term Durability

Increase Property Value

Government Incentives

Hedge Against Rising Energy Tarif

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SoFar Solar

Solix Inverter

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Jollywood Solar

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Consumers generate electricity through solar, and generate electricity from the system more than what is required by the consumer. Without net metering, this excess generation goes to the grid unaccounted for and there is no benefit to the consumer. LESCO / IESCO as the electric utility installs a bidirectional meter at the consumer’s premise which can record this excess generation and gives credit to the consumer on monthly bill.

The complete process takes around 90 days as defined in NEPRA regulations for Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations, 2015. However, processing time may increase in case prerequisites are not fulfilled by vendor/consumer
Common reasons for Delay:

  • Incomplete Documentation
  • Discrepancy in survey
  • In case 30% of transformer capacity exceeds and simulation study is required

When Generation License is issued from NEPRA then tariff of Net Metering Consumers is converted to DG which differentiate them from the regular consumer. DG stands for Distributed Generation and refer to small scale generation. DG consumers are given credit for the electricity they add on KE Grid.